Available documents

Strategic guidelines for SynBio industries in developing countries:SynBio world leaders’ thoughts regarding the required factors to create a Synthetic Biology industry in a developing country. (Free download)

Work in progress

Recommendations & opinions on Synthetic Biology (Available Feb/2011): A comprehensive study of the published national recommendations and opinions on the advancement, ethical use and safety within Synthetic Biology.

2010 World SynBio Technology Surveillance Report (Available Mar/2011):unique +100 page worldwide assessment including: the state of the art and the main actors within the Synthetic Biology value chain, the scientific and technological advancements at the pre-competitive stage, products and services currently in competitive stage, and the technologies that enable Synthetic Biology’s development. (Free preview or Pre purchase)

Value (USD) Universities: $2,500, Non-University: $3,500
Pre-purchase by Feb 28th 2011 * (USD) Universities: $1,500, Non-University: $2,250
* Includes the World SynBio Tech. Surveillance Report up to March, 2010 (delivered at the time of pre-purchase)

Synthetic Biology Project Database (Available Mar/2011): A one year subscription to our database that includes all patents, publications and news regarding the Synthetic Biology field.

Value (USD) Universities: $1,000, Non-University: $1,500